Saturday, 30 March 2013


Parent: Please bring the books to school tomorrow. (WRONG)
Parent: Please take the books to school tomorrow. (CORRECT)

(*SITUATION: You're not at school and the parent is not going to school with you tomorrow.)

Teacher: Please take the books to school tomorrow. (WRONG)
Teacher: Please bring the books to school tomorrow. (CORRECT)

(*SITUATION: Both the teacher and the student are at school. The books are with the student but are not with the teacher.)

-BRING means 'come with somebody/something'  (NOT 'go')
-TAKE means 'go with somebody/something' (NOT 'come')

Other examples:
- When you come to my house this Sunday, bring (NOT take) your sister with you so I can meet her. 

(*come to my house)
- Whenever I go sightseeing, I take (NOT bring) my camera with me. 

(*go to any places for sightseeing)
- Would you like to take (NOT bring) me home?

(*go back home)
- Can I come to your party and bring (NOT 'take') a friend with  me? 

(*come to my party here)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'ANY' for singular or plural?

Do you have any questions? 

Do you have any question?

The correct one is;
Do you have any questions?

Any is usually used with uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns (NOT with singular countable nouns

Here are some other sentence examples:

> Do you have a pen? (singular countable)
> Do you have any pens? (plural countable)

> Do you have any money? (uncountable)

OMG! What????? You don't know what countable, uncountable, singular and plural are??
You'd better check it out yourselves! hahahaha