Saturday, 13 December 2014

Common Mispronunciation (Category: Subtle)

Here are a few common mispronunciation that I categorize as 'subtle':

1) Infamous /ˈɪnfəməs/ (in-fe-mes) not "in-famous"
2) Assembly /əˈsɛmbli/ (uh-sem-blee) not "a-semblee' or "ei-semblee"
3) Envelope /ˈɛnvələʊp/ (en-vuh-lohp) not "en-vuh-lep" or "ahn-vuh-lohp"
4) Environment 
/ɪnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt/ (in-vai-reN-menT/ - don't miss the N and the T

5) head /hed/ (*as in the name Ted) not "hade" (as in 'hate')
6) Calendar /ˈkalɪndə/ (ka-lin-de) not "ka-lend-er"
7) Alarm /ə'la:m/ (uh-laam) not "a-lam"
8) Aquarium /ə'kweəriəm/ (uh-kwei-riem) not "a-kwa-rium"
9) Directory /də'rektəri/ (duh-rek-tuh-ri) not "dai-rek-to-ri"
10) Stomach /ˈstʌmək/ (Sta-muhk) not "Sta-mAk"
Stomach ache (sta-muh-keik)

*The description is mostly based on "Malaysians' style/way of reading"; it might be a little bit different (could be considered wrong) for people from other countries.
However, "uh" is pronounced as "eh"  (e pepet as in 'emak') in Malay.
**The IPA shown (the phonetics symbols used to show the pronunciation) are according to British English pronunciation.