Saturday, 13 December 2014

Common Mispronunciation (Category: Subtle)

Here are a few common mispronunciation that I categorize as 'subtle':

1) Infamous /ˈɪnfəməs/ (in-fe-mes) not "in-famous"
2) Assembly /əˈsɛmbli/ (uh-sem-blee) not "a-semblee' or "ei-semblee"
3) Envelope /ˈɛnvələʊp/ (en-vuh-lohp) not "en-vuh-lep" or "ahn-vuh-lohp"
4) Environment 
/ɪnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt/ (in-vai-reN-menT/ - don't miss the N and the T

5) head /hed/ (*as in the name Ted) not "hade" (as in 'hate')
6) Calendar /ˈkalɪndə/ (ka-lin-de) not "ka-lend-er"
7) Alarm /ə'la:m/ (uh-laam) not "a-lam"
8) Aquarium /ə'kweəriəm/ (uh-kwei-riem) not "a-kwa-rium"
9) Directory /də'rektəri/ (duh-rek-tuh-ri) not "dai-rek-to-ri"
10) Stomach /ˈstʌmək/ (Sta-muhk) not "Sta-mAk"
Stomach ache (sta-muh-keik)

*The description is mostly based on "Malaysians' style/way of reading"; it might be a little bit different (could be considered wrong) for people from other countries.
However, "uh" is pronounced as "eh"  (e pepet as in 'emak') in Malay.
**The IPA shown (the phonetics symbols used to show the pronunciation) are according to British English pronunciation.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Confusing FUTURE TENSE: 'be going to' VS 'will'

Try this question;
>> I don't want to do my homework now. I (will/ am going to) do it later.

*The answer is 'will'

Now, try another question;

>> My mother (will / is going to) come on Friday.

*The answer is 'is going to'



'be going to' is used for something that has been planned before
'will' is used for decisions made now or at the moment of speaking.

Now, try this;

>> Ali is wounded. He_(isn't going to / won't )__ play at Wimbledon.

The answer is 'isn't going to'....
because Ali knew that he was wounded so he had made the decision (before) not to play at Wimbledon!.haha.. ;P

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Using the article 'THE' for proper nouns

We DO NOT always use 'the' with singular proper nouns. That's what we learn at school.
However, there are SOME EXCEPTIONS. 

(*There's no special rule for this. You have to remember.)

Well, don't get confused! Here are some tips ;)

We use 'the' for these kinds of place names:

1) SEAS e.g. the Atlantic, the South china Sea (Laut Cina Selatan)

2) MOUNTAIN GROUPS e.g the Himalayas, the Titiwangsa Mountains

*but for single mountains,  we don't usually use the article 'the' e.g Mount Everest, Mount Kinabalu

3) ISLAND GROUPS e.g the West Indies, the Philippines

4) RIVERS e.g the Rhine, the Kinabatangan River, the Gombak River

5) DESERTS e.g the Sahara, the Arabian Desert

6) Most HOTELS e.g the Grand Hotel, the Hilton

7) Most CINEMAS and THEATRES e.g the Odeon, the Istana Budaya

8) Most MUSEUMS and GALLERIES e.g the National Musuem

9) Most ZOOS e.g the National Zoo of Malaysia, the Zoo Melaka

10) Names of COUNTRIES that include common nouns like 'republic', 'state' or 'union' 
e.g the People's Republic of China, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Republic of Korea (but South Korea), the Russion Federation (but Russia), etc.