Friday, 2 December 2011


Is there any difference between 'several' and 'a few'?
Both are used for countable nouns that are more than one, but not a lot.
In Malay, the meaning is similar to 'beberapa/sebilangan'.

Try to fill in these blanks with either 'several' or 'a few'
1)  Penny bought ___________ pairs of shoes.
2)  It took ____________ days for the flood in Kelantan to recede.

(*answer: (1) a few  (2) several)

So, what's the difference?
Even though they carry the same meaning, but from my understanding and knowledge, 'a few' is  'not a lot'. 'Several' is also 'not a lot' but 'quite a lot'.

Hope you understand what I mean. :)

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